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If you are interested in volunteering for Rainbow Rural then please get in contact.

 We always appreciate someone lending a helping hand. We have roles in lots of different areas in Rainbow available for volunteers and depending on that role we can help you gain access to training and qualifications.



If interested please contact:

Group Bonding

If you’re looking for something more than just volunteering, then we are interested in students who want to work with Rainbow Rural Centre in the many areas we cover.

 You will gain valuable experience working alongside us, and will be able to take your experience and skills onto your job or career of choice. If you can reliably help us, then please get in contact.


As we grow through the years and become more popular we realise we’re in need of more instructors to be able to teach the adults and children that come here. We will be looking for someone with knowledge of rural skills or working with animals and have the ability to teach people who have disabilities and challenging behaviour.

 If you fit the criteria and/or have something else you believe you can bring to the table that would benefit Rainbow Rural please get in contact.





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